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Growing Super Hots in Tropical Climate

Today we discuss the ups and downs of growing hot chilli peppers in the tropics. Varieties include, Bhut Jolokia, Trinidad Scorpions, and Scotch Bonnet....

Chilli Eating Competition – Southern Leyte 2019

The Chilli Eating Competition was a side show to Star Apple Foundation's 'Grow Your Own' tent in the capital on July 1. There were...

Purple Ghost – Purple Bhut Jolokia – Hot Pepper

In the video below I describe this controversial Purple Ghost (Purple Bhut Jolokia) hot pepper. It starts out it's life with a purple flower,...

Give a Man a Fish ……..

As part of Star Apple Foundation's 2019 project encouraging families to grow their own food, here we give some seeds to families. In two months...

Pretty in Purple or Purple Prince

Here we are growing the ornamental pepper called 'Pretty in Purple' or 'Purple Prince'. If you like the video below, please subscribe to growNglow

Siling Labuyo – Real vs. Fake – Includes Tasting

Today I show the difference between real Siling Labuyo and the fake ones being sold in the local market. I also eat one of...

The World’s Smallest Hot Pepper

Siling labuyo is the smallest hot chili pepper in the world. It is a cultivar that was developed in the Philippines after the Columbian Exchange. Capsicum frutescens 'Siling Labuyo'...

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