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1Zpresso JX-PRO Coffee Grinder – Review

1Zpresso JX-PRO

When you think of making your own excellent expresso, you should be very familiar with the term ‘dial in’. This is the term used to adjust variables such as water temperature, extraction time, pressure, portafilter etc. There is also the quality of beans, the roast, but the grind size and grind evenness is just as important. So after the espresso machine the grinder is the most important item in a barista’s toolbox. Grinders can be electric or manual, and have several settings for grind size. When it comes to dialing in espresso, minute differences in grind size is the key.

Budget grinders such as the JavaPresse are unable to achieve this with it just 16 settings. Some electric grinders such as the Hamilton Beach use a blade rather than burrs. This is also totally unsuitable for espresso.

There are some very good electric grinders for espresso such as the Eureka Mignon and Eureka Atom but these are often outside the budget of home barista. There is also the Baratza Sette which grinds by weight and has 270 clicks, but that too is often outside a home barista’s budget.


In 2017 a group of coffee lovers in Taiwan set out to design precision coffee grinders for home use. These individuals all came from engineering backgrounds, and they set out to make what are now arguably the best manual grinders. 1Zpresso is pronounced EE-Z-PRESSO

Amongst their lineup is the very affordable 1Zpresso JX-PRO. With it’s 200 clicks on 5 revolutions, this grinder has quickly become the favorite with home brewers of espresso. Each click adjusts the gap between the burrs by a mere 12.5 microns. This enables the home barista to dial in that perfect shot. It is furnished with a set of 48mm stainless steel burrs. Because of the huge demand, the JX-PRO is often out of stock on Amazon. I waited more than one month for the one I am reviewing in the video below. It is probably best to pre-order, as when it comes back in stock it is often sold out. At 780g it is not lightweight, but easily fits into even smallish hands. The body is aluminum, and shaft and burrs stainless steel.   

I will make another video soon on how to dissemble, clean and calibrate the JX-PRO.