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Review: Click & Grow Smart Gardens

Click & Grow Smart Gardens make it possible to grow your plants all year round, even if you have to go on vacation. The garden itself automatically controls water, light and nutrients, while you reap the benefits. GNRL Click & Grow Smart Gardens are shipped around the world. On orders over $100 shipping is free. The seeded pods are guaranteed to sprout (If your plant doesn’t sprout, they’ll replace it). At this time there are 45 different fruit and vegetables to choose from. There is also a collection of your favorite flowers if you so wish to grow them. From wild strawberries to miniature tomatoes, from sweet basil to beautiful fresh lettuce or from sweet peppers to red hot chili peppers. The world is your oyster. Position in your kitchen, and cut the herb leaves off just as you need them. You cannot get any fresher than that. Smart Garden 3 with built-in tank and adjustable grow light costs just $99.95 including seeded pods. The whole process is fully automatic. Just add the pods, fill with water and plug in to your household outlet. Ready to eat in just 28 days, knowing that it is totally chemical free.

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The built in water tank has enough in reserve for up to 30 days, so if you are one of those people who come back from vacation, only to discover all your plants are withered away, this is what you need. All units have built-in grow lights, as well as water and nutrient tanks. You can also choose from 3 colors, White, Grey or Beige. Smart Garden 9 (below) only  consumes 13W of power, whereas the Smart Garden 3 only used 8W.

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If you wish to see how the units actually work, please click this link below.

Click below and choose from the Smart Garden 3 or the Smart Garden 9. There is even a Smart Garden 27 for very large households. From only $99.95 fully automatic with grow lights and including seeded pods

Featuring ‘Smart Soil’ which is made from natural materials. There are no pesticides, fungicides or hormones. The nutrients are within the smart soil, so there is no need to add them to the water tank unlike the AeroGarden system you can find here on Amazon

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The video below shows how to assemble the Click & Grow Smart Garden 9. It also explains the inner workings on how it controls the growing environment.

The video below explains is for the smaller Click & Grow Smart Garden 3. Smart Garden 3 has an height extendable light fixture

There are many pods to chose from. Click on the link below and chose which varieties you wish to grow. There are over 50 different plants to grow. All units come with free seeded pods.

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Below is a time lapse video of basil growing in just 28 days in the Smart Garden 3History:After reading a NASA report about growing plants in space, Mattias Lepp became inspired to develop the first ever indoor garden that took care of plants automatically. After working with universities around the world to fine-tune the technology, the concept of the Click & Grow Smart Garden was born.