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Ryoba Compact (180mm) Japanese saw review

Today I review this affordable Compact (180mm) Ryoba from Gyokucho Razorsaw (No. 291). It is available here on Amazon directly from Japan 

The Ryoba compact is perfect for cross cutting or ripping of small pieces of wood. The blade has 17 teeth per inch on the cross cutting side and 6 teeth per inch on the rip side. Overall length of about 493mm (15 1/4″). The blade is 180mm long and 0.5mm thick. It has a contoured plastic grip. In the video below I use it to cut a simple tenon in softwood. During manufacturing the cut surface is heated by an electrical current is 27.12 MHz for a duration of 0.003 to 0.005 seconds, this creates a ripple effect on the surface of the tooth in the hardener HV900 – 1200