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The World’s Smallest Hot Pepper


Here in The Philippines we have a hot chili pepper called Siling Labuyo. In the Tagalog language, ‘siling’ translates to ‘chili’ and ‘labuyo’ translates to ‘wild’. So as the name suggests, Siling Labuyo is indeed a wild chili. In fact it’s scientific name (Capsicum frutescens ‘Siling Labuyo’) reflects that Filipino name.

In the video, I compare the ‘real’ labuyo with the fake ones. The fake ones are thai birdseye and are not even from the same species. Birdseye are actually from the Capsicum Annuum species.

My labuyo fruits shown here vary in length from 3mm to 15mm. If you like the video below, please click the subscribe button