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Please say NO to Single Use Plastic in the Garden

Say NO to Solo Cups in Gardening

With many people now realizing that single use plastic is detrimental to our planet, I am asking gardeners to refrain from using solo cups for growing seeds.  I, myself, have seen videos where the narrator states that they buy these in hundreds because they are so cheap, and can be recycled. This is where the problem lies. They miss the point. Just because it is recyclable doesn’t make it good.

In France they noted that 2.1 billion solo (single use) cups had be used in 2015. Of these 1% were recycled. That lead to a new law be introduced in 2016, and will be enforced on January 2020. The law totally bans all single use plastic items, like cups, straws and plates.

We are appealing to gardeners, especially hot pepper growers, to switch back to traditional plastic pots, which can be used over and over again for 10 or even 20 years.