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Tools for Star Apple – GOone2one Workshop


All Amazon Germany:

5 x 200mm Sliding Bevel

5 x Budget Mortice Gauge

5 x Precision 300mm Ruler

5 x Budget 8oz workshop hammer

12 x 450mm Bar Clamp

12 x 700mm Bar Clamp

5 x Irwin Marples Chisel Set

5 x Irwin Record Smoothing Plane

5 x Stanley Block Plane

5 x Spear & Jackson Tenon Saw

5 x Spear & Jackson Traditional Hand Saw

5 x Reusable Respirator (small)

5 x Reusable Respirator (medium)

20 x NIOCH P100 Respirator Filters Packs

5 x 3M Ear Protectors

5 x Honeywell Face Protector

5 x Stanley 3m Tape

5 x 250mm Tri Square

5 x Workshop Square

5 x Stanley Retractable Knife

5 x Budget Coping Saw

4 x packs Coping Saw Blades (162mm)

10x Staedtler Mars Lumograph 2H Pencils

Optional Shared teaching items (one of each)

1 x Saw set (Dozuki, Ryoba & Kataba)

1x  Veritas Low angle Raubank

1 x Veritas Low angle 12deg plane

1 x  Lie Nielsen single handed block plane

1 x  Veritas Spoke Shave (curved sole)

The following HSS (high speed steel) bars and rods are for making their own tools. I will teach them how to make various chisels and awls, which they can keep for themselves:

5x HSS 2mm x 10mm x 200mm square

5 x HSS 4mm x 12mm x 200mm square

5 x HSS 4mm x 6mm x 200mm square  

4 x HSS 4.5mm x 200mm round

5 x HSS 3mm x 150mm round

5 x HSS 1.9mm x 100mm round

5 x HSS 6mm x 100mm round

3x 14mm x 500mm brass tube

2 x 12mm x 500mm brass tube

3 x 10mm x 500mm brass tube

3 x 8mm x 500mm brass tube