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Blue Herbal Tea – Clitoria Ternatea flowers

Make your own Herbal Tea from your Clitoria Ternatea plant. When you you add lemon, just like magic, the tea turns purple. Clitoria Ternatea...

3 Tornadoes and 2 boats in the ocean

Below is a video of 3 tornadoes I took with my cellphone this morning . There is two small boats near the middle tornado,...
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Give a Man a Fish ……..

As part of Star Apple Foundation's 2019 project encouraging families to grow their own food, here we give some seeds to families. In two months...

My Stanley Bailey 4 1/2 – 1977-2019

Time to clean up my much used and not so well loved Stanley Bailey 2 1/2. After this video I ground and sharpened blade...

Make Perfect Mitre Splines

Normally a mitre joint (miter in US) would be considered ascetically pleasing, rather than being a strong woodworking joint. But by inserting splines in the...

Grow Kangkong from seed in 31 days

In the video below we show you how to grow kangkong from seed in 31 days. Kangkong is also known as water spinach in...

Make these Wooden Bricks – Easy

Wooden Bricks help children learn the names of the colors and shapes. They also strengthen fine motor skills and hand-to-eye coordination. Below is a video...