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Make a simple King size Bed

Here I take you through the steps in making a large but simple bed. It is a king size (78" x 78") bed. The sides...

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How to Make Wooden French Doors

Here I show you how to make basic french doors. The lumber I am using is Red Meranti (also know as Lauan or Philippine Mahogany)  I...

Make these beautiful wooden planter boxes

Today I take you to the workshop, and show you how to make these simple, yet elegant planter boxes. We make the framework from...
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Grow Kangkong from seed in 31 days

In the video below we show you how to grow kangkong from seed in 31 days. Kangkong is also known as water spinach in...

Make Perfect Mitre Splines

Normally a mitre joint (miter in US) would be considered ascetically pleasing, rather than being a strong woodworking joint. But by inserting splines in the...

How to Make a Compost Tumbler

If you find that your stagnant composter is taking too long to produce nice compost, why not make your very own tumbler version. This...

Please say NO to Single Use Plastic in the Garden

With many people now realizing that single use plastic is detrimental to our planet, I am asking gardeners to refrain from using solo cups...