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Ryoba Compact (180mm) Japanese saw review

Today I review this affordable Compact (180mm) Ryoba from Gyokucho Razorsaw (No. 291). It is available here on Amazon directly from Japan  The Ryoba compact is...

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Make a Mahogany Chopping Board with Molave Inlay

This is how I made this mahogany chopping board with a tugas (molave) inlay using a Whiteside inlay guide. Molave (Vitex parviflora Juss.) is called...

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GluBot Glue Dispenser Review

Today I do a review of the Fastcap Glutton™ 16oz glue dispenser. The GluBot is designed by cabinetmakers and woodworkers. They are easy to...

Pretty in Purple or Purple Prince

Here we are growing the ornamental pepper called 'Pretty in Purple' or 'Purple Prince'. If you like the video below, please subscribe to growNglow

Japanese Hammers – The Daruma – Make your own

In the video below I show how I made a medium sized Daruma Hammer for $5. The word Daruma comes from the Buddhist monk...

3 Tornadoes and 2 boats in the ocean

Below is a video of 3 tornadoes I took with my cellphone this morning . There is two small boats near the middle tornado,...

Make a Mirror Frame with LED lighting

In the video below, I show you how I made this large mirror frame for our en-suite bathroom. I make a cutout in the...